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Exclusive bridal sets of nightgowns and robes, bridal baby-dolls but also bridal slippers of high quality and high aesthetics, with emphasis in detail in satin and lace. Ideal bridal sets for the preparation of the bride but also for the first night of the wedding. Big variety in designs and styles so that every bride can find what suits her. Bridal sets in style romantic, classic, modern, boho, feminine and for all body types. Most of our bridal sets come in big sizes, up to XXXL.

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Bridal set maxi with lace Veronique-Jenny


Maxi nightgown set with lace on the chest and back combined with a maxi robe with lace on the sleeve..

172.00€ Ex Tax: 172.00€

Mini satin night-gown Stephanie


Mini satin night-gown ..

54.50€ Ex Tax: 54.50€

Wedding set satin Ilenna-Sasa


Wedding set satin Ilenna-Sasa..

112.00€ Ex Tax: 112.00€

Maxi Night gown lace robe Melania


Maxi lace robe with asymmetrical sleeves...

74.00€ Ex Tax: 74.00€

Bridal pyjamas from satin and lace Belinda


Bridal pyjamas with robe. Satin trousers and lace open back top and robe. A great set for the prepar..

70.00€ Ex Tax: 70.00€

Mini night-gown Abby


Mini night-gown in satin with lace that supports the breast...

68.50€ Ex Tax: 68.50€

Set maxi robe and nightgown Veronique


Lovely set of maxi nightgown with lace bodice and back that hugs and holds the bust and satin robe w..

180.00€ Ex Tax: 180.00€

Night-gown maxi Semiramis


Night-gown maxi satin with opening. ..

85.00€ Ex Tax: 85.00€

Wedding set Veronique-Lena


Wedding set elastic with lace and robe. ..

155.50€ Ex Tax: 155.50€

Mini satin nightgown with bodice from elastic lace


Mini satin nightgown with bodice all made of elastic lace. Simple and elegant for romantic brides. C..

61.00€ Ex Tax: 61.00€

Maxi Robe Mandy


Robe maxi...

118.30€ Ex Tax: 118.30€

Maxi Robe Melania


Robe maxi...

112.00€ Ex Tax: 112.00€

Garter lace "Something Blue"


Bridal garter lace elastic with satin ribbon.  The sly detail! Garter elastic from fine lace wi..

11.50€ Ex Tax: 11.50€

Open bridal slipper with feathers


Comfortable satin bridal slipper open with feathers.For an impressive appearance that will allow..

27.00€ Ex Tax: 27.00€

Bridal slippers satin Marabou


Bridal slippers satin Marabou...

24.00€ Ex Tax: 24.00€