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Exclusive bridal sets of nightgowns and robes, bridal baby-dolls but also bridal slippers of high quality and high aesthetics, with emphasis in detail in satin and lace. Ideal bridal sets for the preparation of the bride but also for the first night of the wedding. Big variety in designs and styles so that every bride can find what suits her. Bridal sets in style romantic, classic, modern, boho, feminine and for all body types. Most of our bridal sets come in big sizes, up to XXXL.

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Mini satin bridal set Anabelle-Suave


Mini satin bridal set from nightgown & robe with lace. A special, stylish and sexy bridal set fo..

143.00€ Ex Tax: 143.00€

Midi night-gown Veronique with lace on the bodice and the back


Midi satin bridal nightgown with elastic lace on the bodice and back. Elegant, classic and stylish i..

73.50€ Ex Tax: 73.50€

Bridal set from maxi open-back nightgown with lace and robe Alina-Aline


Maxi bridal set with rows of lace cleaned by hand. Long nightgown with straps that end in a cross on..

176.50€ Ex Tax: 176.50€

Bridal set with tulle robe Tara


Ideal bridal pyjama set with robe. Unique and comfy choise for the preparation of the bride. 3 pcs...

100.00€ Ex Tax: 100.00€

Mini bridal night gown with lace on the back Ileanna


Mini satin bridal nightgown with lace in front and in the back. A special, stylish and elegant brida..

61.00€ Ex Tax: 61.00€

Night-gown Midi Nadia


Midi satin night-gown with lace Cordone...

77.00€ Ex Tax: 77.00€

Babydoll Lida

Babydoll Lida


Babydoll with lace Ursula..

72.50€ 59.00€ Ex Tax: 59.00€

Maxi satin night-gown Nadia with lace


Long satin nightgown Nadia with lace details. Made by fine quality italian satin. Easy to clean. Nad..

88.00€ Ex Tax: 88.00€

Wedding set Letty-Aline


Wedding set Letty-Aline..

137.00€ Ex Tax: 137.00€

Wedding set with lace Veronique-Lena


Set mini night-gown elastic lace with lace robe.A fine romantic  and all day classic choice for..

135.00€ Ex Tax: 135.00€

Maxi Robe Melania


Robe maxi...

112.00€ Ex Tax: 112.00€

Mini nightgown satin Franny


Mini nightgown satin with lace..

54.50€ Ex Tax: 54.50€

Bridal set Tara


Ideal bridal pyjama with robe. It has satin Paola lace on the top and bottom and thin strap. 3 pcs...

121.50€ Ex Tax: 121.50€

Set mini robe and nightgown Belinda - Lena


Set mini robe and nightgown all made from fine lace!..

138.50€ Ex Tax: 138.50€